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Topher the Pepperboy spent his youth toiling under the watchful eye of Uncle Rastis-

 keeper of one of the best kept secrets of the South...GREAT BBQ! 

 Pepperboy learned the magic of creating not only regular, bold and tangy red sauces, 

but great rubs for those who like a meat-only rib.  Combining peaches, curry and

 honey mustards, Pepperboy brings great southern BBQ to New Ulm.

  Pick your meat -Baby Back Ribs, Beef Brisket or Pulled Pork- and start

 experiencing true meat joy! We also have wood-fired veggies

 for you non-carnivores. 

 Dressed with great side dishes like Uncle Rastis' baked beans,

 honey corn muffins and tangy coleslaw, we're sure you'll agree

 that Uncle Rastis would be proud!